Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Two Coins

Small and light droplets were mixed with the wind blowing with medium intensity. Although the atmosphere was somewhat of complaining type but the people around didn’t bothered about its mood. They kept on rushing, walking and gazing. There were some people who were gazing while talking. Among them, one was a person who was walking in a different mood. Although the expressions on his face, the way of his hairstyle and the clothes he worn described most of the zigzag thoughts jumping and playing in his mind, but some thoughts were such which layed behind the high mountains of turbulence. They were trying to rise but were left behind the turbulence. This turbulence carried every thought to its height and dropped it like a stone falling under gravity in vacuum. The road was busy and the person was walking on the left side. On the right side of the road, there was a beggar in a clumsy dress. The expressions on the beggar’s face resembled the second side of the same coin whose first side was the mirror of the person’s thoughts. The path between the person and the beggar became celluloid, a thin transparent film through which he rushed towards the beggar to give him two coins. Before reaching to the beggar, he was knocked by a fast moving vehicle and was left helpless. Innumerable crystal clear blood droplets covered his face and clothes as red roses cover a barren land. The blood was calm and was flowing in a stream line. All the turbulence in his mind was over and the same thoughts which were lying behind the high mountains rose up hill. The agony and pain were released in air and lost in the blue sky. The beggar was speechless, traumatized, and was shocked by the scene. The crowd surrounded the spot but no one touched the body. After some time an ambulance came which carried the body away. The crowd dispersed and the scene was over. On the road, laid the half dried blood with the two coins untouched and undisplaced. The accident and the missing hands of the beggar left him puzzled. He just gazed at the two coins out of which, one showed head and other the tail.

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"He just gazed at the two coins out of which, one showed head and other the tail."

this line is thrilling .....ur imagination is 'kaabil e tareef'.