Sunday, August 24, 2008

Are We Civilized??

Just few years back, when I came to this city and saw here and there, I was compelled to revise the definition of civilization. But this revision not only included the humming up of old writings but also to see the changes which had been brought into the old definition.
When I was in school, my teacher taught me the definition of civilization. Today also, anyone can find those definitions in books. But those definitions always lay behind the big shores of books. They never come around on roads to tell the people what they are and what they mean.
If you open a book and read the definition of civilization, it goes like this-“Civilization is used as a synonym for superiority of certain groups”. In a similar sense, civilization can mean “refinement of thought, manners, or taste”.
Looking at the first definition, which says civilized means being superior, I try to compare the early women with the present women. In fact I agree that the present living conditions are superior to the older one, but I find myself lost when I search the superiority hidden in today’s way of clothing, especially of women. Iam not targeting women, but Iam pointing them because, women are the society’s integral part or we can say they are the icon of society. If you want to know about a society, look at their women and you get your answer.
The dress up of today’s women and prehistoric women seems to be the same. The prehistoric women used to wear small clothes and now also the women wear small clothes. The way of clothing has become the same but the intentions and the reasons are different. The prehistoric women wore less because they didn’t have the ways to make clothes but today’s women wear less because they don’t have shames on their faces and in their minds. So I didn’t understand how we are superior to the prehistoric people, when the way of clothing comes in to picture. Yes, we can say that we are equal to them as both used to wear lesser clothes, but when the intension comes in to picture, it seems that we are less superior to them.
Let’s take the second definition of civilization which says refinement of thought and manners. If a girl walks on a road in mini skirt, showing her body, is it a refinement of her thought or refinement in her manner? And what will you get the answer if you ask her the reason of such dressing. She will say that she is free and doesn’t believe in wearing a complete sari covering her body. I don’t understand how she is free. Is she free because in those dress, people gaze at her, comment at her or get aroused by seeing her.
I don’t’ blame every women of the society for all this, but only those who dress up like this. I don’t only blame women for such type of clothing but also men who appreciate this type of clothing. Men are equally to be blamed for such type of clothing system prevailing in our society. But again I would like to repeat that women are the icon of the society. Now days we say that women have got a higher status than before, by giving her so many rights. But I say, that once upon a time before all this, itself women’s status was higher. I think that now her status has fallen much more than before, by giving her so many so called rights, and then also they are in illusion and are happy.
The above was just one example to show how uncivilized we are, despite of having so many good definitions of civilization in our books. The clothing issue is just one example. Many issues can be pointed out which defy that we are civilized. The superiority and refinement in thought, manners or taste should not be relative, but they should be absolute with overall positive effects on the society, and then we can say-“yes we are civilized”.

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what an article dear ....u hav written it in a very beautiful manner spcially the comparison between ancient woman and modern woman.
sense of clothing makes them free ....but Alas they dont knw the meaning of equal rights and free will.
i hope after reading this article may be they will understand the meaning of free will.