Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Poor's Emotions

In our daily life we are encountered many times by words like poverty, poor people etc. But have you ever thought what poverty is? Who are poor people? If you ask this question to any person sitting in a 1st class coach in a train he will certainly define it by a statement containing many words like deprived, unfortunate etc. which will just rush from his mind without a thinking. But if you ask the same question from a 10 yr old child selling water in the used bottles on the platform you will find that his answer doesn’t match with that of the person’s. It may also happen that the child gives no answer but the person may get the answer if he tries to see the expressions on his face, the water filled used bottles in his hands, the dirty torned clothes on his body, the legs without sleepers trying to carry the tired body from here to there, shouting-5 rupee a bottle and running from one person to another with a hope in his childish eyes that this time he will be successful. This is only one example. If you turn around and see you will find a number of such cases. Think of the winter nights of January, which you enjoy, in the warm blanket on the bed in an insulated room. And if you have to come out of the blanket for 1 minute you feel uncomfortable and say that- oh! there is too cold outside. Now think of the same child. What do you think that the child may also be comfortable or he may be dying of cold? In India there are not only one or two children running with a bottle in their hands. There are many people without a roof on their heads, without clothes on their body, without blanket in winter, without food in their stomach. Many of these die with hunger. Many of these die with cold, disease and a number of innumerable reasons. But then also you will always find a child selling bottles on the platform. If he will not sell those bottles he will not be able to make a drop in his ocean. Have you ever watched those small innocent children working in the canteen? Have you ever watched their small hands carrying dirty plates on one hand and clothe on one hand cleaning the table? Do you think that these children have ever tasted those pastry cups? These children kill their emotions of playing games, eating dishes, wearing nice clothes and enjoying the life. But how they kill their emotions, god better knows. A poor can only experience the emotions of the poor, the feeling of poverty and its taste. Do not ask the taste of iron from a black smith. A horse that is having a rein in his mouth can only explain its taste.

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