Monday, June 8, 2009

Should We change....

Change-yes it’s the change, well known haunters of human mind. “Change”, which forms the topic of this discussion is not the change of one’s CRT monitors to LCD one but it’s the different one. The one of which a human body, his heart, his eyes and his mind are reluctant to. It’s the one which haunts him before the change, about the taunt which one could suffer, after the change takes place. It’s all about the attachment, the emotions, and the relations, not only with other people but also with the non living items. The non living items like streets one ran into, the building one lives into, the roads on which one rides and the atmosphere whose air one breathes. And the most culprit parameter which howls and fouls in one’s ear and nose respectively is the time. It’s the cold war type relation between the olden passed time and the present passing time. The passing one tries to regulate your mind by carving good words in your mind’s ear. But the olden one taunts you from its time to the time you are still to see, still to face. Thus one is afraid about the impact of that on the future, because it’s the future which completes the destiny of a person.
So what are the parameters which decide whether one has to change his location, his relations or himself is all about what is important in his life. Its all about what he cares for- is it the lust of money, sweetness of honey, happiness, the freedom, the culture, the religion, the relations or anything else. And the other thing is that besides taking that decision of change, whether he is also capable of bearing the effects of that change. Effects on the important aspect of his life, whether he is happy and others whom he wants are happy or not, whether he is wealthy and others whom he wants are wealthy or not, whether he is moving with time and others whom he wants are moving with time or not.
The most important thing in this whole world is balance and so should be our lives. Time, money and happiness are the three vertices of an equilateral triangle and if one tries to pull or change the coordinates of any of the vertices, the triangle either becomes an isosceles or a scalene one- too far from a balanced equilateral triangle of one’s life.