Monday, August 25, 2008


I want you to assume a general scene at the railways stations of India. You can easily find tea cups, half eaten food and garbage thrown near the railway lines. That is very common, and thus you never get surprised if you see those lying there. Think about a railway station, where you find people walking on the platform normally, but when you see the railway line, they are covered with human dead bodies. You must be thinking why I have written these lines. Well, the next paragraph gives the answer.
Yesterday, I was having a look on the novel-“Train to Pakistan”. I have already read that book before, nearly 7 years ago. But this time there were some pictures included in them at the time of partition. When I saw those pictures, I was left for sometime, in that period, to think about the condition of people who suffered such a big impact of division.
The people were killed and left at the place. Some were killed by hunger, some by human beings and some by moving train. The number of killings was so great that even vultures and kites were fed up of eating fleshes of those dead people. The scenes which were created, was beyond the imagination of human mind. Even devil’s mind could not imagine such a disaster in his cruel mind. Then how, these events happened with human beings. Those human beings, who talk about kindness and wisdom, were involved in such shameful deed. The politicians, loved their seats more than the people and due to their stubbornness and greediness, so much people suffered.
The act of split-up with anger has always been affecting nations, communities, religions, families, brothers and friends. I always wanted to live in a unified India, but today I see people calling other people that he is a North Indian, he is a South Indian, he is a Hindu, and he is a Muslim but I have never heard them saying that he is an Indian.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Who Govern the Laws??

[In the text below, God has been referred to as a great scientist and a technologist. The purpose of this is not to compare God as human scientists and technologists, but it has only been done in order to explain and make the reader understand and imagine the immense greatness and extreme power of God. So the reader should not make imaginations and should not think God having a figure of a human scientist or a technologist because God has no shape or figure and its imagination is beyond the scope of human’s mind.]

If I ask you a question that if you sleep one night on your bed and wake up in the morning, then where would you find yourself? Certainly your reply would be the bed. But the other possibility may be that when you are asleep some one puts you on the ground from the bed or in the grass outside in the lawn. And if this happens you may be astonished at the first moment when you open your eyes. But what would you do when you open you eyes and find yourself floating in the air along with your bed, chairs, tables, books etc. At the first instant you may think that you are dreaming but after some time when you find it real, what would you do? And after some time you hear an announcement on the floating radio that people on earth are to be informed that gravity on the earth has come to an end and the value of the acceleration due to gravity has become zero due to unknown reasons. After listening or may be before listening to the news you may say oh! God what have you done.
Think that you are a chemistry student and you have been given an experiment to test the composition of water sample. You just take a glass of water, drink some of that water, as you are thirsty and pour rest of the water in the test tube. After analyzing the water sample under an electron microscope you see that one molecule of water is made up of 5 hydrogen atoms and 2 oxygen atoms i.e. H5O2 instead of H2O. After seeing this you would be surely in a shock and say oh! God what is that? Was that water or something else that you have taken? But what would be your reaction when you come to know that its really water. Then you may become famous in the world as the first person to notice the sudden change in the composition of water, all properties of water remaining the same.
Like this there are hundreds of assumptions, which may be made. The main motive of making these assumptions is not to recreate you, but it has been done to make the reader think about the laws of physics and the effects of the change in these laws.
In the formation of universe, man and atom certain physics, chemistry and biology which we call science is involved. God governs this science and its laws. God has the power to make such water that has a chemical composition H5O2 or H5O6N7.God can make two positive ions attract each other and one negative and one positive ion repel each other. God can make us such that we breath in N2O and give off H2.He has the power to change the speed of light from 3´105m/s to 9´10100 m/s. He has the power to change the acceleration due to gravity on earth from 9.8 m/s2 to 100m/s2. He can make the light to travel in a curved path. Infact he is the one and the only one who is making our heart to beat, our ears to hear, our nose to smell, our eyes to see, the electrons to revolve, the planets to rotate, the sun to light, the stars to twinkle, the air to blow, the climate to change, the tree to grow, the seed to germinate, the man to die, the light to travel, the universe to expand and all the other phenomena to occur.
Humans try to explain all the above phenomena by using physics, chemistry and biology. And this physics, chemistry and biology are nothing but the methods or the ways, which God has chosen in carrying out these phenomena. And God has the power in changing his methods or ways in carrying out the same phenomena. Think of such a scientist and a technologist who alone has created such robots i.e. humans, who are capable of understanding some of these phenomena and give it a name science. Think of such a scientist who is the ultimate thinker and has made robots that can think on their own. The human made robots need power of a battery or electricity to operate. But humans are operated by God’s power by means of certain phenomena, which are very less understood by humans. Compare the science and technology implanted in the two robots-the robots made by humans and the robots made by God .The science and technology which humans have used to make robots is negligible as compared to that of God’s. And God governs this science and technology and he can change them.
It is the wish of the scientist or the technologist that what capacity of hard disk, ram and processor he is implanting in the computer. As a 40 GB hardisk of a computer can store only 40 GB of material and not more than that, similarly God has made us such that we can understand only the a, b, c of these phenomena. Thus the term which we call science today in our context can be much more advanced and developed but in the context of God it is just the beginning and mere the, b, c of English language. And this is the reason that at the end of anything science is not able to explain the associated phenomena. And this is true also because how a child can write an essay in English who only knows the first three letters of the English language.

Are We Civilized??

Just few years back, when I came to this city and saw here and there, I was compelled to revise the definition of civilization. But this revision not only included the humming up of old writings but also to see the changes which had been brought into the old definition.
When I was in school, my teacher taught me the definition of civilization. Today also, anyone can find those definitions in books. But those definitions always lay behind the big shores of books. They never come around on roads to tell the people what they are and what they mean.
If you open a book and read the definition of civilization, it goes like this-“Civilization is used as a synonym for superiority of certain groups”. In a similar sense, civilization can mean “refinement of thought, manners, or taste”.
Looking at the first definition, which says civilized means being superior, I try to compare the early women with the present women. In fact I agree that the present living conditions are superior to the older one, but I find myself lost when I search the superiority hidden in today’s way of clothing, especially of women. Iam not targeting women, but Iam pointing them because, women are the society’s integral part or we can say they are the icon of society. If you want to know about a society, look at their women and you get your answer.
The dress up of today’s women and prehistoric women seems to be the same. The prehistoric women used to wear small clothes and now also the women wear small clothes. The way of clothing has become the same but the intentions and the reasons are different. The prehistoric women wore less because they didn’t have the ways to make clothes but today’s women wear less because they don’t have shames on their faces and in their minds. So I didn’t understand how we are superior to the prehistoric people, when the way of clothing comes in to picture. Yes, we can say that we are equal to them as both used to wear lesser clothes, but when the intension comes in to picture, it seems that we are less superior to them.
Let’s take the second definition of civilization which says refinement of thought and manners. If a girl walks on a road in mini skirt, showing her body, is it a refinement of her thought or refinement in her manner? And what will you get the answer if you ask her the reason of such dressing. She will say that she is free and doesn’t believe in wearing a complete sari covering her body. I don’t understand how she is free. Is she free because in those dress, people gaze at her, comment at her or get aroused by seeing her.
I don’t’ blame every women of the society for all this, but only those who dress up like this. I don’t only blame women for such type of clothing but also men who appreciate this type of clothing. Men are equally to be blamed for such type of clothing system prevailing in our society. But again I would like to repeat that women are the icon of the society. Now days we say that women have got a higher status than before, by giving her so many rights. But I say, that once upon a time before all this, itself women’s status was higher. I think that now her status has fallen much more than before, by giving her so many so called rights, and then also they are in illusion and are happy.
The above was just one example to show how uncivilized we are, despite of having so many good definitions of civilization in our books. The clothing issue is just one example. Many issues can be pointed out which defy that we are civilized. The superiority and refinement in thought, manners or taste should not be relative, but they should be absolute with overall positive effects on the society, and then we can say-“yes we are civilized”.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Games at Evening

It was evening and the light of sun was still enough to light the objects on earth. The children, who were playing basket ball didn’t know that the light which delighted their play was rather a refracted light than the original one. Thanks to the air engulfing the earth, which brought the sunlight despite of sun’s will. But if, the children were on any other planet, they could easily point out that it was not sun which wanted to take away the light, but it was earth which doomed them from light. So, it seemed that the air on earth and the sun were friends but earth was lost in its own motion-rotating and revolving. But in these, the children forgot to point out gravity’s role. It was gravity which helped air to surround the earth. And this gravity was due to the earth’s rotation. So, if the earth stopped its rotation, then the air engulfing the earth would escape and leave the children lightless at that time as well as lifeless for all time and the basket ball would remain floating with them. So anyways the children came to know that every thing was important and was balanced by God.
It was still some light left, and the children continued their game. They were dribbling the ball and running with it. Although, they were small and the basket was at great height, then also they were able to drop the ball through the basket. The game was not exact and it had only the rule of throwing the ball in the basket. They didn’t consider any fouls like running by holding the ball etc. There was no boundary and marking, but then also they managed to play the game very sincerely and with great enthusiasm. At this age, the happiness and delightfulness which they were engulfed with was much more than the big players playing the game. There were different ways by which the ball went in the basket. Some times it went through the basket ring without touching it. And sometimes, the ball revolved around the ring, and then went through it. The second one was more thrilling, because in that case the ball had the chances to fall out of the ring, if more centrifugal force acted on the ball. But if the ball fell out of the ring, the children were not discouraged, but they were more confident to basket the ball next time.
The earth moved a little and this time the air also failed to refract the sun rays to that place. After all, the light became very less and darkness started to inhibit the surroundings. The children were not able to see their target-the basket, and therefore they decided to end up the game. Like this, the game ended up with the end of the evening. And the children started waiting for the next evening to come, as well as the evening waited for the next game to be played.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Poor's Emotions

In our daily life we are encountered many times by words like poverty, poor people etc. But have you ever thought what poverty is? Who are poor people? If you ask this question to any person sitting in a 1st class coach in a train he will certainly define it by a statement containing many words like deprived, unfortunate etc. which will just rush from his mind without a thinking. But if you ask the same question from a 10 yr old child selling water in the used bottles on the platform you will find that his answer doesn’t match with that of the person’s. It may also happen that the child gives no answer but the person may get the answer if he tries to see the expressions on his face, the water filled used bottles in his hands, the dirty torned clothes on his body, the legs without sleepers trying to carry the tired body from here to there, shouting-5 rupee a bottle and running from one person to another with a hope in his childish eyes that this time he will be successful. This is only one example. If you turn around and see you will find a number of such cases. Think of the winter nights of January, which you enjoy, in the warm blanket on the bed in an insulated room. And if you have to come out of the blanket for 1 minute you feel uncomfortable and say that- oh! there is too cold outside. Now think of the same child. What do you think that the child may also be comfortable or he may be dying of cold? In India there are not only one or two children running with a bottle in their hands. There are many people without a roof on their heads, without clothes on their body, without blanket in winter, without food in their stomach. Many of these die with hunger. Many of these die with cold, disease and a number of innumerable reasons. But then also you will always find a child selling bottles on the platform. If he will not sell those bottles he will not be able to make a drop in his ocean. Have you ever watched those small innocent children working in the canteen? Have you ever watched their small hands carrying dirty plates on one hand and clothe on one hand cleaning the table? Do you think that these children have ever tasted those pastry cups? These children kill their emotions of playing games, eating dishes, wearing nice clothes and enjoying the life. But how they kill their emotions, god better knows. A poor can only experience the emotions of the poor, the feeling of poverty and its taste. Do not ask the taste of iron from a black smith. A horse that is having a rein in his mouth can only explain its taste.

The Two Coins

Small and light droplets were mixed with the wind blowing with medium intensity. Although the atmosphere was somewhat of complaining type but the people around didn’t bothered about its mood. They kept on rushing, walking and gazing. There were some people who were gazing while talking. Among them, one was a person who was walking in a different mood. Although the expressions on his face, the way of his hairstyle and the clothes he worn described most of the zigzag thoughts jumping and playing in his mind, but some thoughts were such which layed behind the high mountains of turbulence. They were trying to rise but were left behind the turbulence. This turbulence carried every thought to its height and dropped it like a stone falling under gravity in vacuum. The road was busy and the person was walking on the left side. On the right side of the road, there was a beggar in a clumsy dress. The expressions on the beggar’s face resembled the second side of the same coin whose first side was the mirror of the person’s thoughts. The path between the person and the beggar became celluloid, a thin transparent film through which he rushed towards the beggar to give him two coins. Before reaching to the beggar, he was knocked by a fast moving vehicle and was left helpless. Innumerable crystal clear blood droplets covered his face and clothes as red roses cover a barren land. The blood was calm and was flowing in a stream line. All the turbulence in his mind was over and the same thoughts which were lying behind the high mountains rose up hill. The agony and pain were released in air and lost in the blue sky. The beggar was speechless, traumatized, and was shocked by the scene. The crowd surrounded the spot but no one touched the body. After some time an ambulance came which carried the body away. The crowd dispersed and the scene was over. On the road, laid the half dried blood with the two coins untouched and undisplaced. The accident and the missing hands of the beggar left him puzzled. He just gazed at the two coins out of which, one showed head and other the tail.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Motive

Assume yourself sitting in a Mercedes-S class car and think over a question-“Why are you in a car and not on a horse”? Certainly you will smile and say because car is faster than a horse or you will laugh and say was this joke? The above question may also be asked differently that why the car is with you? Because I have to drive it, you will answer in a surprised manner. Well by the above question you must have understood the motive behind them. It was not done in order to entertain you or make you laugh. Instead they were done in order to lay emphasis on the reason of “existence of cars on earth”. Well the reason is because they find a use in modes of transportation. Not only cars, all the things, which have been created by man, find a use in one or the other field. Either they may be used in daily life or in studies or research work.
Now if I again ask you a question-“Why are you here on earth”? For a moment your mind will be blank and then you may answer -“I am here to live”. Of Course you are here to live, but what is your purpose to live. What is your use on earth and who are you benefiting .You must argue with me that I am here to give benefit to other people. But this is not the correct answer because by the term -“you” I mean the whole human community. Well you may use some flowery statements that “life is beautiful or “life is precious” but they are not the answers of the above questions.
Basically life is a vicious circle. One is living so that he can enjoy life and one is enjoying life in order to live happily. So if you initiate with a point and start asking a no. of questions one by one with yourself, then at last you will reach the same point with same questions again. A person studies or works hard for half of his life so that he can lead rest of his life in comfort.
The answer to the entire above questions can be given on the basis of Religion. Consider yourself as a student preparing for final exam. This world is like a place where you are studying or preparing for your final exam whose questions are already known. And the life after death is the starting of your exam paper for which you have been preparing in this world. Thus you are here to prepare for the open exam whose date is nearby but not fixed.