Saturday, August 23, 2008

Games at Evening

It was evening and the light of sun was still enough to light the objects on earth. The children, who were playing basket ball didn’t know that the light which delighted their play was rather a refracted light than the original one. Thanks to the air engulfing the earth, which brought the sunlight despite of sun’s will. But if, the children were on any other planet, they could easily point out that it was not sun which wanted to take away the light, but it was earth which doomed them from light. So, it seemed that the air on earth and the sun were friends but earth was lost in its own motion-rotating and revolving. But in these, the children forgot to point out gravity’s role. It was gravity which helped air to surround the earth. And this gravity was due to the earth’s rotation. So, if the earth stopped its rotation, then the air engulfing the earth would escape and leave the children lightless at that time as well as lifeless for all time and the basket ball would remain floating with them. So anyways the children came to know that every thing was important and was balanced by God.
It was still some light left, and the children continued their game. They were dribbling the ball and running with it. Although, they were small and the basket was at great height, then also they were able to drop the ball through the basket. The game was not exact and it had only the rule of throwing the ball in the basket. They didn’t consider any fouls like running by holding the ball etc. There was no boundary and marking, but then also they managed to play the game very sincerely and with great enthusiasm. At this age, the happiness and delightfulness which they were engulfed with was much more than the big players playing the game. There were different ways by which the ball went in the basket. Some times it went through the basket ring without touching it. And sometimes, the ball revolved around the ring, and then went through it. The second one was more thrilling, because in that case the ball had the chances to fall out of the ring, if more centrifugal force acted on the ball. But if the ball fell out of the ring, the children were not discouraged, but they were more confident to basket the ball next time.
The earth moved a little and this time the air also failed to refract the sun rays to that place. After all, the light became very less and darkness started to inhibit the surroundings. The children were not able to see their target-the basket, and therefore they decided to end up the game. Like this, the game ended up with the end of the evening. And the children started waiting for the next evening to come, as well as the evening waited for the next game to be played.

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