Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Motive

Assume yourself sitting in a Mercedes-S class car and think over a question-“Why are you in a car and not on a horse”? Certainly you will smile and say because car is faster than a horse or you will laugh and say was this joke? The above question may also be asked differently that why the car is with you? Because I have to drive it, you will answer in a surprised manner. Well by the above question you must have understood the motive behind them. It was not done in order to entertain you or make you laugh. Instead they were done in order to lay emphasis on the reason of “existence of cars on earth”. Well the reason is because they find a use in modes of transportation. Not only cars, all the things, which have been created by man, find a use in one or the other field. Either they may be used in daily life or in studies or research work.
Now if I again ask you a question-“Why are you here on earth”? For a moment your mind will be blank and then you may answer -“I am here to live”. Of Course you are here to live, but what is your purpose to live. What is your use on earth and who are you benefiting .You must argue with me that I am here to give benefit to other people. But this is not the correct answer because by the term -“you” I mean the whole human community. Well you may use some flowery statements that “life is beautiful or “life is precious” but they are not the answers of the above questions.
Basically life is a vicious circle. One is living so that he can enjoy life and one is enjoying life in order to live happily. So if you initiate with a point and start asking a no. of questions one by one with yourself, then at last you will reach the same point with same questions again. A person studies or works hard for half of his life so that he can lead rest of his life in comfort.
The answer to the entire above questions can be given on the basis of Religion. Consider yourself as a student preparing for final exam. This world is like a place where you are studying or preparing for your final exam whose questions are already known. And the life after death is the starting of your exam paper for which you have been preparing in this world. Thus you are here to prepare for the open exam whose date is nearby but not fixed.

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