Monday, August 25, 2008


I want you to assume a general scene at the railways stations of India. You can easily find tea cups, half eaten food and garbage thrown near the railway lines. That is very common, and thus you never get surprised if you see those lying there. Think about a railway station, where you find people walking on the platform normally, but when you see the railway line, they are covered with human dead bodies. You must be thinking why I have written these lines. Well, the next paragraph gives the answer.
Yesterday, I was having a look on the novel-“Train to Pakistan”. I have already read that book before, nearly 7 years ago. But this time there were some pictures included in them at the time of partition. When I saw those pictures, I was left for sometime, in that period, to think about the condition of people who suffered such a big impact of division.
The people were killed and left at the place. Some were killed by hunger, some by human beings and some by moving train. The number of killings was so great that even vultures and kites were fed up of eating fleshes of those dead people. The scenes which were created, was beyond the imagination of human mind. Even devil’s mind could not imagine such a disaster in his cruel mind. Then how, these events happened with human beings. Those human beings, who talk about kindness and wisdom, were involved in such shameful deed. The politicians, loved their seats more than the people and due to their stubbornness and greediness, so much people suffered.
The act of split-up with anger has always been affecting nations, communities, religions, families, brothers and friends. I always wanted to live in a unified India, but today I see people calling other people that he is a North Indian, he is a South Indian, he is a Hindu, and he is a Muslim but I have never heard them saying that he is an Indian.


Hitesh said...

Nice initiative.
Your article needs to be bit longer than this.
Of course, the language needs improvement in showcasing and sequencing of the sentences (not grammatical improvements). I mean a stylish writing and not just a narration.
Conclusion should be giving some practical solutions, which may serve the purpose of writing the article itself.

Anees said...

thanx for the comments hitesh. i will certainly try to follow up what you have suggested me.