Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One Late Evening

May be I would not be completely correct, but one of the trend setting things along our Indian roads are beggars which are in haste of collecting money. I know you will say that today which person is not in haste to earn money? Leaving this question apart, as it self this question is a big topic to discuss, let’s discuss one of the trend settlers-the beggars. I don’t want to point out their way of doing business and all those things. Rather I would be discussing with you about my recent experience with beggars.
It was about six in evening and I was in the nearby market to buy some eatables for breaking my fast. The market at that time was really packed with people-some selling and many buying as it was the time for Iftar. Apart from these people, there were number of beggars asking for alms. I was on the shops buying some fruits. There came a beggar woman and I gave her 2 coins. Later I rushed to the next shop across the road to buy some date palms. As the time for Iftar was approaching, I hurried towards the shop. In between an old beggar came and started asking for money. I said him to wait and first let me buy some dates. But that beggar was neither in the mood to wait nor to listen. He again asked for the money. He came in my way and was not allowing me to head up either. Somehow I overlooked him and reached the shop. I thought that after buying the dates, I will give him some coins as usual. When I was buying the dates that beggar came to me and said with a laugh, “Now day’s only young women get alms and money”. At the instant, I just thought to give one hard slap on his face. But I stopped my self because first he was an old man and second it was a time of fasting. But I never expected such a shrewd and cunning statement from him. I realized that he was noticing me from the time I was on the fruit’s shop.
I don’t deny in giving alms and money to the beggars. But there number has grown in such a large number that they often tend to create nuisance at public places. They come and stand up when any one is busy in buying anything, busy in eating anything or busy on the bike waiting for the green signal. I just want to say that they should also understand that like them, others could be also facing problem. I know that they understand but then also they make their habit to do so.
Giving alms to poor is considered as big deed in Islam. So, one should try giving as much as he can. I just wanted to share my experiences with you all. Despite of the above incident, I continue to give alms and coins to the beggars.
After that incident, I returned to my room with all those eatables and ended my fast. After some time my hunger as well as anger cooled down and I went for the evening prayer.

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