Thursday, January 22, 2009

Past, Present and the Future

Well, to start with I would like to say that there are many things in the past which still try playing with one’s present. The glossy image which an individual has about its future may also be affected by the earlier period. I don’t deny about the rules and regulations which one tries to follow to overcome all those tiny pricking past needles but I want to warn ourselves about the further ill effect of one needle which we generally ignore by calling it as a tiny one. When one tiny needle makes a hole in our expanding present into future, then nothing but one thing happens. As we try to fill air in the balloon, simultaneously from that tiny hole, the air is again freed. And who doesn’t like freedom, so is the air. We think that we are expanding our future, we are building our future but the reality is that we itself don’t know that our future is shrinking.
The same is the case with time also. This fourth dimension also likes freedom. But there is one thing which it likes more than the freedom. It’s the speed. Although, we haven’t entered into such a world, where the speed of time’s movement is equal to light, but then also surely it is going to happen. May be we would then be applying Einstein’s theory of relativity in our lives, but Iam sure that those theories would also not be very much helpful to us. Therefore this is clear that the time is not going to help us in anyways. It is passing and it would pass further with more speed.
Now we again come to the same place from where we have started. It’s the past. It’s the same past when we were small babies, incapable of doing anything except wetting out clothes. Then we grew into small kids and then big man. During this growth we were guided by our parents and teachers. Our fathers brought us our demands and our mothers nursed us. But there were many decisions and works which we only were supposed to get involved in. Neither our parents nor our teachers were going to help us beyond one point. That stage of one’s life has the deepest effect in the future balloon of an individual. May be we deny that in present but when we reach the future or the future reaches us, we gradually commit.
We are not child any more. Many have stepped into that zone and many are in transition. The zone which Iam talking about is not having a definite boundary. It’s a loose one. It changes with time. Sometimes it’s the past which can never come, some times it’s the future which will come, but it’s never the present exactly. If it’s the present then it’s either blended with past or the future. This blending ratio varies from person to person. It also depends on how he has filled his balloon in the past and whether he has taken into account those small needles or not.
Many people say that the future is destined. The important thing is not that this was destined, but the way one achieved that destiny. That means how one spent his past and present to get his future. The thing is that we have no other option except saying that this was our destiny. This is very simple also; somewhat logical also but many times it becomes unexplainable.
Now, to end with I would like to say that we should try to focus on our decisions and rules for our growth. We should not deviate a little bit from them, not a single degree, because a single degree deviation can cause large deviations in the distant future.

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