Saturday, September 13, 2008

Relations Forever.......

Relation basically comes from the word-relate, which means a connection. Thus there can be a relation between a living thing & a non living thing, between two non living things and between two living things.
Here I want to discuss the third one, i.e. a relation between two living things, specifically humans. The relation between two humans or persons comes into existence when they interact with each other. Again this interaction may be of different types.
The building or developing of such relations is based on the characters, the habit, liking or disliking of the two persons. There may be many points on which the two differ and there may be many points where the two agree. Despite of these things the relation between them continues to develop.
Many people think that after a span of time the relation between them becomes more and more strong. Well, it’s true that the bonding gets stronger but simultaneously it gets brittle also. That is, at any point of time it may rupture due to smallest of the misunderstanding between the two or misbehavior of any one. The reason behind this is that, when the relations become deep, the expectations become high. And when the other person doesn’t meet that expectation, the relations tend to break.
The simplest way to maintain a relation is that, one should maintain his constant behavior towards the other person, from the time the relation between them started to build. It is necessary because the behaviors of the two, towards other, formed the base of their new relation. Thus one should not compel anyone much or take his/ her undue advantages. He or she should also see his/ her constraints with time.
According to me, a relation is like a thread. The opposite parts of the thread are held by the two persons forming the relation ships. If either of the people gives a tension in this thread, it breaks. Once it breaks, it can be only joined by putting a knot between the two broken parts. And this knot always exists throughout the life of the two fellows.
But in the above case one should also see, that in order to avoid the breaking of the thread due to tension, it should not get slack. Thus to maintain a good relation, one should be very careful in every aspect, because, may times people don’t agree to either tie a knot between the broken parts, which leads to a broken relation forever.

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