Monday, July 21, 2008

Towards the End

Today, when I was returning back to my house from office, I noticed two things running simultaneously. One was my bike on the road at average speed of 40 km/hr and the other were thoughts in my mind from my child hood days to the present instance. The speed of the latter was much greater than the former. At many places the speed of my bike came to zero, but the speed of thoughts remained as it was. At that very instant, I noticed the rush which was mixed with noise and smoke. The orange colored indicators of the vehicles were indicating towards left and right and some remained unlighted. The smoke was black, blacker than this print and it was more from auto rickshaws. There were different type of horns here and there and every person was waiting for the green light to turn on. But the people never gave chances to green light to turn on. The people always judged whether to cross the roads or not by there left traffic lights. In those impatient people, there were some hyper impatient people who crossed the road neglecting the color of the lights, as it seemed they were color blind. Among these people, I was also still, waiting for the traffic to turn on, overwhelmed by my boyhood experiences. The thoughts were again and again trying to push me back to my past world, when we could see the silent roads whose silence was rarely broken by the least of such noises. In these thoughts, I forgot when the traffic signal became green and I crossed the road and traveled half a kilometer. I questioned myself that what has happened to this world. There’s no sign of humanity involved in these processes. Every person wants money and power, no matter how they achieve it. In this materialistic world, we have forgotten those values which existed in somewhat called Hindustan. Now also we sung those national songs and national anthem but we just use our voice and ears, and not our heart and mind. And how could we use it, as it is involved in money making processes. One person is running to the east, the other to the west. In these, some are colliding to each other and again proceeding to their paths. On the other end, developments are going on, cars and bikes are being manufactured at higher rates. Earth is being emptied like anything for such type of manufacturing. New products are coming on and everything is going so fast. Every person is dipped in his own lake of so what called problems, whom he itself has created, though they know it. But after all these endless efforts, man is not able to understand what he wants. He thinks that he will be in peace when he would be having lots of money; despite he ends all his peace in earning that money. One person is in worry because after he bought his BMW, a new model of BMW came in market and the other person is in worry because he is lying on the footpath but has no money to eat and cover him self properly. The high end people of today say that we have gained a higher technology and medical sciences. But let me ask, what are they use to us. Ultimately in achieving these, what man has got? Well, we can say it’s the mobility which he has got or it’s the better living conditions which he has got and much more. But ultimately, if we see the net effect, he is in loss. We see in our daily life, that he has lost the morality, he has lost the humanity and over all he has lost the high life expectancy, if we compare it from the early ages. The religion has now a day’s only one effect. The effect is communal fights, riots and partitions and nothing else. The religions are being exaggerated and changed with time to time. The people have been involved in such practices which has nothing to do with the religion. They do it on the name of the religion and the whole community along with that religion gets cursed. They kill innocent people in riots and communal fights and say they follow their religion. But they don’t know that they have lost their ways and verily they are in loss. And the main problem, which is a characteristic of a human, is that after knowing that it’s wrong, he tries to do that. These all things will ultimately lead to the end of the world. And after that these people will understand what they did and what the effects of their deeds were. And alas, I and you could do nothing but only make us and them understand that although be involved in these developments but never the less forget your pure and true religion along with the humanity which is and should be the ultimate goal of every human being.

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Hitesh said...

Good Article !
except some grammatical mistakes.